Sunelan debuted at MWC 2018, sharing advanced mobile communication security technology achievements with the world

Mar 02, 2018

From February 26th to March 1st, the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) was grandly held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. As the world's largest and most influential exhibition in the field of communications, the conference attracted communications from 208 countries and mobile industry leaders gather here. Sunelan Yiqing was invited to participate in the exhibition again, bringing a variety of smart phones, tablet computers, smart wearables, smart robots and smart translators to 2018MWC, showing the world the cutting-edge technology and innovative achievements of Yiqing terminals.

2018MWC hall gate

The sponsor, Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), was established in 1987 and is one of the three major international organizations in the world's mobile communications industry. With the increasing variety of exhibitors, Mobile World Congress is not only a direction indicator in the field of mobile communications, but also the latest technology and future trends related to the mobile Internet have gradually become the highlight.

Guests visit

Spreadtrum CEO Zeng Xuezhong visited Sunelan Yiqing booth

Mu Xiaoli, senior vice president of the group, negotiated with overseas merchants

Zhou Yizhen, general manager of Yiqing Xinpu Science and Technology Park, negotiated with the guests

Sunelan attracts a large number of overseas customers with its smart products
Come and experience

The staff introduced Sunelan Yiqing products to overseas merchants
Advanced functions and application scenarios

Sunelan Yiqing made a wonderful appearance at this exhibition with a simple and modern technological image. Smartphones, tablet computers, smart wearables, smart robots and other products attracted many domestic and foreign merchants to stop and watch. The performance and experience of the products firmly grasped the presence With the attention of the audience, many interested customers cooperated with Yiqing Optoelectronics on the spot and achieved the expected effect.

Media Focus

Spain's United Times reported Sunelan Yiqing's participation in the exhibition

Foreign media reporters interviewed at Sunelan Yiqing booth

During the exhibition, Sunelan Yiqing also received the attention of domestic and foreign media. They were very interested in the company's security mobile phones and intelligent robots, and asked the staff about the characteristics of the products and the company's profile.

Yiqing Booth List

At this conference, Sunelan Yiqing not only demonstrated the infinite possibilities of mobile AI in artificial intelligence, but also shared advanced technologies and innovations in terminal communication security with the world. Among them, Sunelan Yiqing X5s smart security phone integrates high-quality appearance, high performance, and high security. It is embedded with a security chip that supports national secret algorithms, and can implement end-to-end encryption solutions for voice calls and SMS functions. Xinxin's PMOS security dual system, the security test level can reach the level 5 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has many security functions such as anti-flash, anti-cracking, anti-jailbreak, anti-monitoring, and anti-leakage. Sunelan participated in 2018MWC with Qing X5s, which not only proved once again its upgrade and empowerment in the field of mobile security communication, but also "showed off" the Chinese power of technological innovation.

Sunelan made a stunning debut at 2018MWC with Qing X5s

Sunelan focuses on the R&D, production and sales of smart products such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and smart robots, and has been deeply involved in the field of secure communications. It has won recognition from many customers at home and abroad for its excellent products and good user experience. Sunelan Yiqing's participation in this exhibition not only deepened the cooperation and consensus with partners from all over the world, but also demonstrated the research and development and production capabilities of Sunelan Optoelectronics to countless guests. It is believed that this will help the group accelerate its globalization strategy and further expand overseas The market share allows Sunelan to step into the world and go further with the Qing brand.