[There is love, there is a home] Yiqing Honghe Science and Technology Industrial Park held a birthday party in February

Feb 01, 2018

On the morning of February 1st, it was cold outside the window and warm inside the house. Representatives of the birthday stars of Yiqing Honghe Science and Technology Industrial Park in February gathered together, lit birthday candles, and sang birthday hymns. Zhou Yiqing, chairman of Yiqing Group, and Cai Guotang, general manager of the park, went to the scene in person to spend this wonderful happy time with everyone.

Zhou Yiqing, chairman of Yiqing Group, sent warm blessings to every birthday star at the scene

At the birthday party, Zhou Yiqing, chairman of Yiqing Group, sent warm wishes to every birthday star present, and thanked everyone for their hard work and hard work. I hope that everyone will make persistent efforts in the new year, clarify development goals, and realize self-worth. Thrive with the group.

Yiqinghonghe Science and Technology Industrial Park has always been adhering to the people-oriented cultural concept to build a harmonious and friendly working environment. The birthday party will further enhance the collective sense of honor and belonging of the employees, enhance the cohesion of the company, and realize the harmonious and common prosperity of the company and employees. develop.

Live Birthday Party

Group photo of Jay Chou and the management of the park

Let's eat cake and longevity noodles together

The representative of the birthday star delivered a birthday speech

The birthday stars receive small gifts carefully prepared by the park

This winter Let us be together Have a different birthday party Thank you for meeting, thank you for having you warm birthday wishes Condensed is the company's deep love for employees

Jay Chou took a group photo with everyone

Look back we have spent so much together Warm and memorable time We will continue to walk together in 2018 Build a loving and affectionate team together Congratulations again to all the birthday family Happy birthday! safe and happy!